General Terms:

Entry Tickets: Entry tickets are individual and must be registered in the correct attendee's name.
Event Access: Entry tickets grant access to the event only on the specified days.
Additional Tickets: Tickets for activities such as photo shoots and talks are valid only when accompanied by a corresponding entry ticket for the same day.
Add-On Activities: Add-on activities are valid when accompanied by the corresponding entry ticket and can occur at any time on the specified day.
Refunds for Add-On`s: "Add-on" tickets will not be refunded if the ticket holder does not possess an entry ticket for the same day. Ensure you have the necessary entry ticket before purchasing add-on`s.
Refunds and Transfers: Entry tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, except if the entire event is canceled. Individual photo session tickets are refundable if the guest cancels; a credit refund will be issued.
Missed Activities: LibertyEventsUK is not responsible for missed activities due to attendees not being present for the entire event. Please check the event schedule and account for entry queues.
Guest Appearances: Guest appearances are subject to professional and personal commitments. If a guest postpones their appearance, tickets for that guest's specific activity will be valid for the rescheduled event or refunded as credit if you can't attend.
Guest Availability: Not all guests will appear every day; check the website for updates, as appearances may change last minute.
Right of Admission: We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone, especially those causing disturbance or not complying with reasonable requests from the event management team. Offending individuals may be asked to leave the premises.
Changes in Event Hours: We reserve the right to change event opening hours for operational reasons without offering refunds or compensation.

Ticket Types:

Adult Admission: Allows entry for one adult to the designated event on the specified date. Access is granted via an e-ticket, which should be presented in either printed form or on a mobile device.

Child Admission: Provides entry for one child (ages 6-12) to the specified event on the relevant date. Children must be accompanied by at least one paying adult. Access is granted through an e-ticket, which can be printed or displayed on a mobile device.

Children Under 5: Entry for children under 5 years old is free of charge.

Family Admission: Offers entry for two adults and two children (or one adult and three children) to the specified event on the given date. Access is provided via an e-ticket, which can be printed or displayed on a mobile device.

Reservation of Rights:
Refusal of Entry: We reserve the right to refuse entry to any area of the show.
Activity Changes: We may cancel, modify, or substitute activities on short notice, Additional charges may apply for rescheduled activities.
Changes due to external factors beyond our control will be made as needed these changes may include event postponement or cancellation.
We reserve the right to postpone, cancel, or move any event for any reason. In such cases, purchased tickets will be transferred to the new date. If attendees cannot make the new date or a guest cancels, credit refund vouchers will be issued.